The Stakeholder Platform

The Stakeholder Platform

  • Overview

    The network of stakeholders is a significant component of the project. Called the “Stakeholder platform” during the project lifetime, this network will have two main components: european fruit breeders and germplasm curators. The network is designed to outlast the duration of the project. The European Fruit Breeding Technology Transfer Platform will optimise the transfer of knowledge, technology and biological materials developed during and beyond the course of this project for its use at the scientific and industrial levels. Discussion within the network will help to implement this platform and make it work before and after the end of the project. The participation into this network will be open to any European fruit breeding programme and fruit germplasm collection. The members of the network will:

    Access to relevant information on the development of the project,

    • Be the special guests of to the annual stakeholder congresses of the project (will not be invited but will come at their own expenses),
    • Be invited to attend the Fruit Breedomics international conference,
    • Be eligible for funds to attend training activities,
    • Be eligible for presentation of activities.

    The annual stakeholder congresses of the project will be organized in different regions of the EU and will be organized together with the Annual Meetings of the project. The purpose of these congresses will be to provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of results from Fruit Breedomics, and the monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress.

  • Members


    Stakeholder Country
    AC Fruit France
    Alsia Italy
    Artevos Germany
    BELSAD, RUE Institute of Fruit Growing Belaruss
    Ben Dor Fruits and Nurseries Israel
    CITA Spain
    CIV Italy
    Consorzio Vivaistico Pugliese Italy
    Constanta Research Station for Fruit Growing Romania
    Cooperative Fruitiere Lorifruit France
    Corvinus University Hungary
    CPRV Italy
    CRA Italy
    CSIC-Aula Dei Spain
    CSIC-CEBAS Spain
    Delbard Nurseries France
    Deutsches Obst SortenKonsortium GmbH Germany
    DSG Germany
    East Malling Research United Kingdom
    Estonian University of Life Sciences Estonia
    Faculty of Agriculture Institute for Fruit Growing & Viticulture Novi Sad Serbia
    Feno Italy
    FiBL Switzerland
    Fructus Switzerland
    Fruit Growing Institute Bulgaria
    Fruit Growing Research and Extension Station, University of Craiova Romania
    Fruit Research Station Turkey
    Frutaria Spain
    Graminor AS Norway
    Griba Ital
  • How to become a member

    If you like to become a member of the FruitBreedomics Stakeholder Platform, please fill in the following questionnaire:

  • 2014 Stakeholder Day Meeting


  • 2015 International FruitBreedomics Conference
  • Training Seminars
  • FruitBreedomics Booklet Series