The Project Project structure

Project structure

The project is structured in 8 Workpackages. WP1 will develop a validated pipeline for Marker Assisted Breeding and it will implement this major breeding tool in ongoing commercial breeding programs. WP2 will prepare for and make available to the consortium selected pre-breeding material. It will also evaluate a way to reduce the introgression time of new traits from wild species to pre-breeding material with advanced fruit quality by inducing early flowering thanks to fast-breeding technology. The research efforts will be directed to improve our understanding of the genetics of some major horticultural traits and develop innovative research tools to efficiently find marker trait associations in breeding and genebank germplasm. To overcome the main issues of the past genetic studies on fruit trees (narrow genetic diversity, low mapping density, single environment), FruitBreedomics will focus on two innovative and complementary genetic mapping approaches based on a wider genetic diversity: i) pedigree-based analysis (PBA) (WP3) and ii) Linkage disequilibrium (LD) mapping over the whole genome, i.e. genome-wide association (GWA) mapping (WP4). WP5 will concentrate in gaining novel traits by understanding the genetics and developing high throughput phenotyyping. WP6 will develop marker and gene arrays for highthroughput genotyping and WP7 will develop sowtware and data management tools with interface for breeder usage. Finally, WP8 will take care of dissemination and communication tasks while WP9 will manage the project.