The Project Activities WP8-Outreach


The objective of WP8 is three-fold:

  • Make the best possible use of the project results by the stakeholders of the fruit industry, notably but not exclusively breeders
  • Ensure fruitful exchange with the scientific community, including individuals and collaborative initiatives, senior and early scientists;
  • Inform European citizens and policy makers about the stakes of the project, the challenges encountered by the fruit industry, the impact on citizens’ well-being, and the contributions brought by the project to respond to stakeholders’ needs and meet consumer demands.

WP8 will make a discerning analysis of the research and technical outputs of the project, and ensure that they are effectively disseminated among the above stakeholder groups. Dissemination will be based on participatory methods during stakeholder congresses and national or international scientific events. To ensure a broader dissemination, specific training sessions targeting scientists from countries not represented in the Fruit Breedomics consortium will contribute to disseminate Fruit Breedomics results all over Europe.

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