EVENTS One Day Peach & Apricot Summer meeting

One Day Peach & Apricot Summer meeting

One-day Peach & Apricot Summer Meeting

Forlì (Italy), 8 August 2014





This one-day meeting is organized in conjunction with the EufrinEU Network and the Fruitbreedomics EU project.  It consists of a morning section with presentations (see details in the second page) followed by a fruit exhibition in the afternoon. The fruit exhibit will be organized with the contribution of CRPV (Cesena, Italy).

In this second circular, you’ll find the latest version of the agenda for the day.

For the morning meeting, seven communications have already been included. The possibility of including additional presentations will be assessed on the very morning of August 8th.

Those who intend to bring fruit samples for the exhibition are kindly invited to communicate at least the number no later than August 5th, in order to be able to provide adequate space for the exposition. All the expositors will have 10 min time to present their samples and breeding activity.

We are waiting for you @ Forlì!

Daniela Giovannini, Alessandro Liverani, Daniele Bassi


h. 9:00

  1. Daniela Giovannini. The new ‘Peach and Apricot’ EUFRIN WG.
  2. Drogoudi Pavlina. Peach and apricot cultivars produced at Pomology Institute in Greece. 
  3. Julien Ruesch. On tree and post-harvest evaluation of peach and apricot varieties at Ctifl, France.
  4. Zhijun Shen.Research progress on peach in JAAS, China (visiting scientist from China at CRA-FRF
  5. Daniele Bassi. The FruitBreedomics  project: an outlook to peach breeding.
  6. Alessandro Liverani. The CRA-FRF breeding activity on peach.
  7. Angelo Ciacciulli and Federica Brandi.  Flesh Phenotipization and its influence in peach cultivar innovation.

h. 12.30: Discussion

h. 13.30: lunch (the hosting Institute, CRA-FRF, will offer a pocket lunch to the participants to the morning meeting)

h.15.00: Fruit exhibition

h.17.00: End of the Meeting

Some useful information:

The official language is English: during the fruit exhibition (afternoon), a translation to Italian (and vice-versa) will be provided.

The attendance to the meeting is free, and all participants have to provide to their expenses (travel, hotel, ecc.).

The meeting place is located at the Fruit Tree Research Unit, about 6 km outside the town of Forlì. We will provide a transport, if requested, from the Forlì train station to the hotels, and from hotels to the Research Station and vice-versa.

How to reach the place of the Meeting:

The Research Unit is located on the road SP 4 from Forlì to Meldola at the corner with SP4 (Via Bidente) and via La Canapona (see map below).

Forlì can be reached:

BY Plane:

Bologna airport is the nearest airport; at the airport, you have to take the bus (every 20 minutes) to the train station of Bologna. At the station, you have to take a train to Forlì (50 minutes).

by Train :

Bologna is the most important link to Forlì train station; Intercity train connections to the main destinations (

by Car:

 Motorway A14 (Bologna-Bari-Taranto), exit at Forlì, 65 km from Bologna, 82 km from the A1 (Milan-Naples) motorway junction, 8 km from the E45 (Rome-Ravenna) main road, 130 km from Ancona.

Hotels in Forlì:

Nearby the Research Unit there is the Bed and Breakfast: “La Sarzola” (;  other  hotels closer to the city centre are listed at the link: